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The Gili Air Sanctuary Villa is a private resort on the island of Lombok in the country of Indonesia. Being on a tropical island, this private resort combines paradise and relaxation to make it a perfect vacation spot for anybody.
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The Gili Air Sanctuary Villa offers so much to do; not only that, it has beautiful weather to accompany it. To help you understand the resort, I will explain what a villa is so that you understand what you are getting into and why you stay at the resort in general.
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The main focus of the Gili Air Sanctuary Villa is the villas themselves. Villas are essentially large hotel suites. It has a master bedroom that is humongous. The rooms are equipped with two doors, one on each side of the room.
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Gili Air Bedroom
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Villa Bedrooms at Gili Air Sanctuary

Our bedrooms have wooden structures to give a homey feel to it. The villas also have two bathrooms that have this beautiful stone texture to it. Along with that, it also has an outdoor shower, which can be perfect considering the warm climate of the island.

The outdoor shower has a grassy texture to stand on so that to add to the comfortable experience. Each villa also has its own kitchen, as well as a kitchen island to add to the fanciness. Last but not least, the villas also have their own pool, which means you do not have to deal with other people coming and interrupting your time.
Villas on Gili Air where West meets East

The styling of Gili Air Sanctuary

The main part of the villa is more of a pavilion, which is the feel of being outside without being outside. It has a roof over it just enough to protect yourself if the weather chooses to be unwelcoming, which is a rarity.

The style that the villas are trying to accomplish is a western style to it, something that would be in Europe. It has a wooden structure to it with beautiful lighting to go along with it.

The villas have a warm, elegant, and comfortable feel to it to make sure you have a beautiful vacation experience.

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Activites Gili Islands
Gili Islands has a wealth of activites

What to do when in the Gili Islands

The Gili islands are mostly known for snorkeling, parties and diving. However, there are a lot of other activities you can do on this beautiful island resort. Diving and snorkeling The most common thing to on the islands is probably snorkeling. They have an interesting underwater world with a lot of unique animals. Even if you can't dive, there are diving schools on each of the three islands. If you do not want to take your snorkeling or diving equipment with you, or if you do not have any, you can land it there on every corner.

As the Gili islands are so small, you can easily walk around them in about 2 hours. Although you should rent a bike on Gili Trawangan, as the walking paths are not that good. You can rent a bike nearly everywhere. On Gili Moreno you can walk without a problem, the paths come along some beautiful beaches. You can even do a horseback riding along the beaches. It goes partly trough the water and can be done during sunset.

Each day a public boat leaves from on island to the other two. At around 9.30 pm it leaves from Gili Trawangan to the other ones. Later in the day it returns from Gili Air over Gili Meno to Gili Trawangan. The tickets can be bought directly at the harbour, in travel agencies or any ticker booth. An alternative is to charter a boat. This is profitable when you travel in a larger group because it is more convenient.

Another option to circumnavigate the island is to do it in a glass bottom boat. You not only see the islands, but you also can watch the underwater world.

The most popular sport is surfing. There are a few surf sports, most of them are on Gili Trawangan. Another very popular sport on the gili islands is "stand up paddling". Where you can paddle comfortly around the island. Furthermore you can go kayaking or canoing, you can rent them on the islands. Also Kite surfing and wakeboarding is a sport option.
Are you going on holiday in Indonesia? Looking at somewhere quiet off of Bali where you can enjoy pristine waters and the comforts of home while enjoying the beauty of Asia uninterrupted? Perhaps you are a newly wed couple, professional trader, looking to get away, or a travel blogger searching the world for those perfect locations to explore and share with your following. Gili Air has it all, from beautiful views and water to endless restaurants and a great night life.
Lombok islands offer you the perfect getaway to distress and rejuvenate

Visit and holiday on the Indonesian Islands

Looking for a break from the stress of daily life? Want to take your kids out on a safe getaway? Lombok islands are the place to go. Let’s take a trip.

You will receive warm welcome with sea food and a chilled drink and a soft bed for some much needed R&R after your hour and half drive from the airport.

Wake up to the call of the early morning prayer by the locals much before the sun and watch the sun rise in the distance before you freshen up and head out. Vegging out can be tough for urbanites so go “turtling” with the locals although they will advise you to take it easy and let the stress seep out on your first day.

The Gili Meno together with the larger islands of Gili Trawangan and Gili Air make up the world’s turtle capital with turtle hunting being the major sport.

If you are a water person, there’s Snorkeling followed by a massage and a warm lunch. The food is mostly seafood but there is a lot more on offer if you are not particularly fond of fish. There is vegan too if you prefer. Just ask for it.

Take a two-hour boat ride to the southern-most tip of Bali on a speed boat and spend the day sampling more of the delicacies offered by the island. You can stay the night if you wish so carry your overnight case.

Participate in the local Yoga at the Temple Lounge before breakfast or take in a dip in the sea followed by chilled coconut water.

Bury your feet in the sand as you walk barefoot along the pristine beach and watch the sun go down before heading back to your hotel for an early drink followed by dinner.

Visit the local Ayurvedic centers and indulge in rubdown with a tissue dipped in locally hand pressed oil? it’s truly therapeutic.
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